Tabletop Gamers United’s - Infinity ARO - Episode 4

December 22, 2014

Nestor sits down and talks with Duncan aka Dude the Warcor for Houston Texas and talks about his Dire State event in Houston on January 18, 2015.  Nestor and him also discuss where Duncan started and how he ended up learning about Infinity and where he stands on N3.  Enjoy!!!

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Tabletop Gamers United’s - Infinity ARO - Episode 3

December 5, 2014

Michael and Nestor welcome back Andrew to host the third episode of Infinity ARO.  The guys talk with John AKA Bloodgod the host of the Baltimore Brawl. But first we discuss the November releases, talk about the Tabletop Gamers United contest for the Tabitha Lyons Cosplay Bolt and events happening next year for Infinity starting in January. 

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Tabletop Gamers United’s - Infinity ARO - Episode 2

November 13, 2014

In this episode Michael and Nestor are on the road to Dire States: Baltimore Brawl.  We had a 3 hour drive so figured might as well talk about our lists as well as our thoughts on what was released so far for Infinity 3rd Edition and my bad luck with talking about a particular JSA Tag.  Oreo Ka-Bootie!...

Check out Nick's awesome work and the pictures of the Prize for the winner of Baltimore Brawl 
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Episode 10 - Do you like playing Board games?

November 3, 2014

The crew is back together as Andrew, Nestor, Scott and Calvin discuss releases for Games Workshop Corvus Beli and Wyrd Miniatures.  Calvin and Scott try out Operation Icestorm from Corvus Beli and give a review of it from an outside point of view.  Andrew and the rest of the guys discuss their favorite board games right now.  Enjoy!

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Episode 9 - Godslayer

October 25, 2014

While not a full length episode we wanted to let Joe aka Zippy talk about a game he is very passionate about showing in the Tri State Area known as Godslayer produced by Megalith Games.  This episode just gives you brief glimpse into the world but later on we will be discussing each faction in detail while we take a dive into the world of Godslayer.

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Tabletop Gamers United’s - Infinity ARO - Episode 1

September 18, 2014

So while on the road to and from Gen Con. Andrew, myself (Nestor) and Michael K. decided that we wanted to let the listeners get more of the games they like more directly.  So Infinity: ARO will be the first of many specialized podcast from Tabletop Gamers United that gives listeners the games they are interested in and may want to play.

Here is the first episode with myself and Michael K discussing list building and touching on what armies we will be using to help listeners in using those armies.  ENJOY.
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Episode 8a - Pre Gen Con 2014

September 2, 2014

So after some much needed rest after Gen Con 2014 we wanted to share with you guys our journey before and after.  This episode is the Wednesday morning before Gen Con where Andrew, Mike and myself are on the road very early in the morning on our way to Indianapolis. I apologize in advance for the sound quality. We were working with a digital recorder but no fear folks we plan on getting a new device for such occasions.  Hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for more.  


Episode 7 - Don’t get caught!!

August 20, 2014

So this was made right before Gen Con.  Where we go over how to sneak in your new shinnies and not get caught.  We also talk about upcoming events and Brooklyn Strategist.  

Oh and the winner of the 100 like Bootleg Penthesilea is mentioned at the end of the episode.  Congrats to the winner!!

Episode 6 - To Infinity!!! and Beyond?

July 29, 2014

Welcome everyone to Episode 6 of Tabletop Gamer's United.  Todays episode we are joined by Michael Klein better known as dtjunkie19 on the Infinity Forums.  This episode we will be talking about Infinity which has a lot of popularity in our community.  Andrew myself and Mike will talk about upcoming events, our ConnectiCon recap as well as what we have in store for Gencon and beyond.  Hope you enjoy.


Episode 5 - Talk about it….

July 7, 2014

This episode we are all once again together to talk about the latest releases from Games Workshop, Wyrd Miniatures, and Corvus Beli while also talking about Tournaments we been playing in, running and going to.  

From Califaux to Nova Open we talk about some of the events that happened and happening this summer.